Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tracking Pests

Last week in Hansen class we have been making a pest tracker. We made these pest trackers because we were learning about Native birds and what we could do to keep them alive so they won't be extinct .We made the pest tracker with a buddy and the materials we used were
a Milk bottle( including the lid), Tape, Peanut butter, Food colouring, Tin foil, Sponge, Paper, 1 black rubbish bag, and scissors. After making them we put them in nature like areas in the school and left them for 2 days and a bit. Last of all after the 2 days and a bit we got them and looked at the results so me and my buddy Malia looked at it and we could see some Ants and some little bits of poo. So after all we did kind of catch a pest.